You must be 18+ to chat here.
No flooding, trolling, cloning.
No hacking, exploiting, spoofing.
No racism (Take this as your first and final warning)
No Incest (No family related role-play including names such as “younger” & “lil”)
No rape, forced sex and bestiality user names.
No Doxxing and porn revenge
No typing in all caps. (Its hard to read and pretty annoying)
No repeatedly messaging someone who clearly is not replying. (Take a hint… they don’t want to talk to you)
No USERS may use RED TEXT. It is for ADMIN and STAFF only.


Having more than one account is tolerated under certain conditions

  • No auto content request ( Any have seen… )
  • No monologue between two false accounts on the chat

If you have been muted, it is forbidden to make a new account to bypass your sanction.

If you are not logged in since 30 Day your account is automatically deleted.

You can request the deletion of your account in your profile.


User rank1 ( BLUE ) user without email check
User rank1 ( GREEN ) user with email check

User rank2 (COLOR CHOICE) VIP has some advantage that the first reward rank on the site.

The ranks from 3 to 7 correspond to another level of advantage such as access to the site ( they are all equal there is only the name that changes
User rang3 ( COLOR CHOICE ) Slave
User rang4 ( COLOR CHOICE ) Cuck
User rank5 ( COLOR CHOICE ) Submissive
User rank6 ( COLOR CHOICE ) Expose
User rank7 ( COLOR CHOICE ) Bull

The ranks from 8 to 11 correspond to the staff from the largest to the smallest
User rank8 ( RED ) Moderator with shield next to name
Can help you to remove a photo from the chat
User rank9 ( RED ) Admin with grey star
Can help you and can exclude
User rank10 ( RED ) super admin with yellow star
Can help you and banish
User rank11 ( RED ) owner with yellow cup
Owner of the site can do absolutely anything 


Links to external services or web site on the chat room and in private messages are prohibited
You will receive a warning and your account will become muted automaticly. ( is a automatic anti fraud systeme ) 

The links allowed to be shared on the chat are the following.

Trying to mislead the system with cut links will result in your account being banned without warning.
Sending photos with urls is also supported by our anti-fraud system and it will also ban you without warning.


No underage or which looks like
No zoo / BDSM / Rape / scat
No Person on drugs
No sleeper
No wartermak ( Except those of the sites mentioned above )

Dick pictures are allowed ( No spam )


Each room has its own personality and expectations.
Exemple no Anydesk code on main room.
Exemple no blur pic on fully room.
Non-compliance results in a warning


No collage from external site.
Each collage is tagged by our team, if yours does not have one it is not allowed.
The exception concerns the FULLY COLLAGE present in the fully room.
If you have any doubt, contact an OWNER (character with the cup next to his name)

CAPTION is allowed if it does not violate the rest of the rules.
If you are making collages you are welcome to contact an admin to get your kit.

Non-compliance results in a warning


If you ignore the rules, you will automatically be muted.

A staff member will monitor your activity and warn you with an automatic message.

After two warnings you get excluded from the chat for 24 hours.
After three warnings you get expelled from the chat for 72 hours.

If you are banned this one is for life, all your photos and references will be tagged in our database.
You will no longer be able to return under another name.