My feminization

My feminization

crossdresser stories

it’s summer 2010, the weather is super mild, it’s 11:00 pm. I am in the guest room which also serves as a living room to play console and to satisfy my secret. Married for 16 years, I secretly lead a double life. For my family and at work and for friends, I am a man like everyone else. Voluntary, through hard work, I have been able to raise the level of the whole family. From my beginnings as a worker, I now have responsibilities and continue my professional development. To achieve this, we had to make many family sacrifices.

A return to university, a lot of time locked in a room to work, a vacation where I had to go back to work, in short a year where leisure was limited. Then, a new job an hour’s drive from home, leaving early in the morning, returning late in the evening, almost a year where I didn’t see much of the family.

After this period, finally a proposal for a permanent contract, we were looking to leave our hometown and this time we were there. But not everything goes as planned all the time. The proposal comes in the middle of the summer, we had already prepared everything for our daughter’s first day of school in sixth grade. Moreover, we have a disabled child, it requires a lot of organization for his reception at school, the adapted house to find, in short an immediate move of the family is impossible. The choice was quick, I find a cheap studio and I leave first. If at the beginning, the returns home were every weekend, with the fatigue of work in 2×8, they became every fortnight. These weekends alone, I quickly found my desires.

These desires, or rather this need that is the subject of this story, it is time to tell you about them. Since I was a kid, I’ve loved wearing girls’ clothes. With my cousin, the daughters of my parents’ friends, even with a girlfriend later on and also my best friend during my studies, I could never resist being in dresses, skirts and lingerie. This femininity that I can control has led me to meet men and women who love men like me.

I have never considered myself a transvestite, I feel like a real woman as soon as I am dressed, wearing make-up and on my heels.

So, let’s start at the beginning, as I told you, I have my secret room in the house, this guest room that eventually became mine, my wife having been alone in bed for too long and I too, we now have a separate room. If it may seem strange, this situation allows me to put on a woman’s outfit at night before going to sleep and spend time as a woman.

So I was in my room, I thought everyone was asleep. I used to run off regularly late at night in the English style for a little outing as a woman. So I was getting dressed for my night out. After putting on a bra, lace panties, I was sitting on my bed putting on the first of my ultra-thin stockings. This is the moment my wife – having heard noise – chose to enter the room. I rushed to the door to close it in front of her air of surprise. I locked myself in and stayed there for a long time changing before joining her. I leave you to imagine the discussion that followed, the questions, the when, the how, in short, all the things that went through his mind right now. The positive point of this long evening, I no longer had to hide from her, for the children, we decided not to talk about it for now or forever.

After this very long conversation, she wanted to see what I liked to wear and the outfits I had. The evening ended in the garden, I wanted to smoke too much. It was 3 or 4 in the morning. I wore a small denim rose, a short sleeved top, underwear, lace panties and a thin tights, at the foot, a pair of ballerinas.

This marked a new step in our relationship. A few days later, we were shopping together, she offered me to buy a skirt that I was looking at, she also offered me a lingerie set. I didn’t think it would ever happen.

Little by little, when she was shopping or placing an order on the Net, she offered me a dress, a top of the underwear. In addition to the usual t-shirt or jeans for Father’s Day or birthday, she sometimes added a dress, lingerie or other feminine item that she gave me in the evening. My wardrobe was getting too small, I was piling up as many men’s items as women’s items.

One day, when I asked her to buy me boxers to replace the old ones that were really worn out, she took them and threw them in the garbage.

– You don’t need it, you have all the panties you need.

– These are women’s panties.

– So, panties or underwear, who else will see them but me?

– No one.

– So I’m not buying you new underwear when you have plenty of underwear, shorties and other thongs.

– You’re right, you’re right.

From that day on, I only wore women’s panties under my clothes. From then on, his relationship with me changed. I had just accepted her decision and it was not going to stop.

For several months now, I had no more male underwear and that’s when I was called to my medical examination at work. I asked him two days before I bought at least one pair of underwear to go there. She refused categorically, forbidding me to do it myself.

On the day of the visit, I wasn’t sure what to do, and she made me wear a pink lace shorty that drew my buttocks and couldn’t hide my crotch, which I had shaved for a long time under her guidance. If going through the nurse was a formality, I was now going to go in front of the doctor. As with any visit, after the usual questions, comes the time for the exam and “go behind the screen and undress.”

I didn’t know what to do, but well, no choice, I took off my clothes, and I found myself facing the doctor in lace shorty. He made no comments, asked me to sit on the examination table. He started with the lungs, the heart (you might as well say it was pounding)

– Relax. Relax.

– I’m trying.

– I understand you’re tense, but you have nothing to worry about.

I couldn’t say anything, he then started to feel my stomach, he was brushing the lace, I started to get hard. He asked me to turn on my stomach. Whew, I was going to be able to hide my erection. His hands passed from my column to my buttocks, he was now mixing them. Loving what he was doing, I closed my eyes. He passed under the lace to caress my parting. I was stretching my ass. He lowered my shorty and I helped him by lifting the pelvis. The shorty at the knee level I was offered to his hands. He took a gel from a nearby table and coated my eyelet, he penetrated me with a finger and then two. I was starting to moan. He stopped to drop his pants and boxer shorts, his sex bandaged in front of me, without thinking I took him in my mouth to suck him delicately.

– You’re good at it.

With my mouth full, I couldn’t answer. When he felt that I had given him enough pleasure with my mouth, he made me turn on the table, always belly against the table, he spread my lobes and I felt his sex penetrate me. Slowly, delicately, he was sinking into me. He was stroking my back. When he arrived at the guard, he stayed in the position for a while and then started pounding me. He accelerated as I went along and I had to put my hand in front of my mouth in order to stifle my moans. When he tightened up to empty himself into me, I was boiling, my body was on fire.

– You are very good. You thank the person who made you wear these panties.

– She’s my wife, I’ve been out of underwear for some time.

– She’s right, this lingerie suits you very well.

– Thank you.

– Hold to absorb.

– Thank you.

He had just passed me a sanitary napkin that I placed at the bottom of my shorty giving me the impression after this session that I was even more of a woman. In the evening, when I got home, I had to tell my wife about my visit. After having told everything without forgetting the slightest detail, she was delighted.

– I see that wearing lingerie now makes you feel like a woman, so we can go further.

– What do you mean, what do you mean?

– I bought bras so you could wear them under your shirts and feel the straps on your shoulders.

– Somebody’s gonna see it eventually.

And then you like being feminine, so we’ll keep going.

I had reached a point of no return with my wife, she no longer saw me as a man now. That’s how every morning, in addition to the panties, I wore a bra, but she was right, I loved feeling the straps on my shoulders, my pectoral muscles slightly supported and raised.

It was the holidays, we had managed to send the children on holiday to the grandparents and we were both going to have 4 days. As soon as the children left, she asked me to change. A tight skirt with a long zipper at the back, a frilly shirt, lace lingerie and tights, at the feet of the 8-centimetre heel pumps. She made me up that day, did my hair, perfumed me, I felt very feminine. Around 4:00 p. m., she told me we were going out.

– Where are we going?

– It’s a surprise.

– And I stay like that?

– Or of course, you’re very beautiful.

– Thank you, but I rarely go out in broad daylight.

– You’re going to be with me, you have nothing to worry about.

She gave me a purse, a jacket and we took the car. She was driving and I was watching the course. I understood when she entered the shopping area and stopped in front of the store of a 100% female brand.

– Today, darling, you’ll be able to do the fittings live.

– I don’t want to.

– Do you have a choice?

– I…

– I mean, did I ask you for your opinion?

– No. No.

– So you come with me and obey.

– Yes, my darling.

We went into the store, she headed for the dresses. She pointed to the display and asked me to look. She came back to me with a young woman who had a badge around her neck indicating that she was part of the store.

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Miss, my husband here needs a dress for a special evening. She must be very close to the body and sexy.

I didn’t know where to put myself. After showing us several dresses, my wife selected 3, we headed for the cabins and I had to leave the cabin for each dress. She asked the seller for her opinion on each one.

This one is perfect, it brings out her butt.

Yeah, she’ll be perfect to make him wear stockings, we’ll see the garter.

Yes, it is, indeed. All she needs is a little chest to draw the neckline.

It will probably come one day.

Ah, so it will be perfect.

I didn’t know where to put myself, they talked about me as if I didn’t exist. I was lowering my head until I could change. We came out of the store with the dress, shiny stockings and a set of white lingerie bra, thong and suspender belt. I paid at the till with the saleswoman who looked at me with a big smile.

– Have a good evening, sir.

Red with shame, I left the store with my bag in my hand. The next day was another challenge, we were invited in the afternoon by a friend of my wife’s, we had to go for a walk by the pond near her house before dinner. The rather mild weather encouraged me to prepare a shorts and a t-shirt that I put on the bed. When I came out of the bathroom, instead, there was a tregging closing from the back, a flower top, a bra and black shorty set.

– You’ll be more comfortable with that.

– But they’re pants and it’s hot, and they’re too feminine.

– You may get a little warm this afternoon, but I’ll get you something to change, but tonight you’ll enjoy wearing pants.

– Anyway, I don’t think I have a choice.

– No, you’re right, you wear what I tell you and that’s it.

So here I am putting on the tregging, it is by going up the zipper on my buttocks that I felt very uncomfortable, with the top, I had a very feminine outfit while keeping my masculine aspect, today, no make-up, no wig to appear female, just clothes and underwear, the black bra was very visible under the white top. During the walk, I was not going to go unnoticed. My wife – as she had become accustomed to – settled behind the wheel of our car. She stopped at the gas station to get me to fill up the car. What a shame and as I was anxious to finish, everyone was looking at me, with mocking looks and smiles, I would have liked to disappear. Once we arrived at our friend’s house who complimented me on my outfit, we had coffee before preparing the bag for our outing. Our friend came back from her room, wearing high waist shorts topped with a crop-top arriving just under her beautiful chest.

My wife wore a light skirt and a flowery blouse.

– Your husband’s gonna be hot with his pants on.

– Yeah, I think so, too, I got him a spare stocking.

– Lighter, I hope, or I’ll give him some shorts.

– I had planned a skirt, but yes, shorts are a good idea. Can I choose with you?

– With pleasure, come along.

She showed us several shorts, long shorts, shorts, shorts, and one that caught my wife’s eye immediately.

– Do you think you can lend him this one?

– Of course, but he’s very tight and high waist.

– He’ll be perfect for him, you’re the same size.

I had to put it on in front of my wife and her friend, it was indeed tight and high waist, it was like a second skin on my buttocks, the thin fabric showing the demarcation of my shorty. Once closed, it would rise high above my belly button.

– We are ready.

– Is he going to go out like that?

– Why? Why? Is that a problem for you?

– No, but I would have done her a little makeup for her.

– You’re right, you want to do it?

– May I?

– Yes, I’ll let you do it.

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I followed Helen into her bathroom, sitting on a stool, letting her do my makeup. My wife was watching from the door, and I had understood for a while that there was no point in protesting, my wife had decided that since I loved being a woman so much, it was up to me now to assume it.

She pointed out my eyes not without having played with the tweezers on my eyebrows. Looking in the mirror, my eyebrows were no more than simple features, my eyes highlighted by the eyeliner were pointed up, my skin was covered with foundation and my eyelids shone under the effect of pink make-up. My eyelashes had doubled in length under the effect of mascara. All that was missing was the wig, but it was apparently out of the question that I would have one today.

– That’s it, I’m done.

– You’re still as good as ever. You managed to make it a bright hold and a deep look.

– Thank you, but it wasn’t too complicated, he has pretty skin.

– Yes, and she’s been getting better since she took care of herself.

– You’re talking about him in the female now.

– You think she’s masculine right now.

– No, at all.

– She always wanted to be a woman, I let her discover her femininity.

– In any case, I think the shorts look better on her than on me, it yawns a little on my thighs and puddles my stomach, but for her, it’s perfect.

– I think so, too.

We can go now. I carried the bag, standing in front of them. My wife wanted to observe people’s reactions, so I kept my head down so that I wouldn’t see anyone. We settled by the lake for a snack before returning home.

It was quite late and the night was starting to fall, the coolness of the evening was felt, as I was walking towards the car, the girls told me to go ahead because they were going to go for a walk to the toilet. So I was going to wait alone at the car. A man was following me, he got into his car before coming to park right next to ours. He was getting out of his car when the girls arrived.

– Hello, you’re very sexy, what are you waiting for?

– My wife and a friend, they’re coming.

– Your wife lets you out like that?

– Good morning, sir.

– Hello girls, hello, so say, it’s pretty sexy your husband.

– Do you think so? Do you like her dressed like that?

– Damn right, she’s got a cute ass molded into her shorts.

– Yeah, we found it too.

I didn’t exist once again, I was the witness without the right to say or do anything.

My wife’s friend spoke out

– If you want, we were going home for dinner. If you don’t have any plans, I’ll invite you.

– It would be a pleasure.

– Then come with us.

In the car, I was asking what had gotten into her from the guest. My wife cut me off immediately.

– She does what she wants, we are her guests.

– I think he wants to fuck me.

– It won’t be a first for you if he wants to.

– You want me to get fucked at your friend’s house?

– You like being a woman so assume, if a guy wants you, either you say no, but I don’t think you can do it, or you let it happen. But well, enough talk, when you get home, you can change, you look cold in your pretty little shorts.

Indeed, when I came in, I would run into the room and put on the tregging, even if it moulded me as much as the shorts, at least I felt more dressed. Helen will meet me in the room,

– Come on, I’ll give you a makeover.

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After a touch-up of my make-up, I went into the kitchen according to my wife’s instructions, I had to prepare dinner, I had planned a tomato salad as a starter, followed by a roast and fried potatoes. I was busy putting the meal in the oven when hands landed on my buttocks and began to caress them. When I turned around, I came face to face with our guest.

– So my naughty girl, you should have kept your shorts on, but I must admit that the tight pants that open directly on your little ass are not bad either.

– Stop it right now.

– Why? Why? You don’t look wild carrying around like that in broad daylight.

– What do you want? What do you want?

– What do you think, my dirty girl?

– I’m not like that.

– Oh, yeah? Yet you seemed to like my caress, you didn’t say much.

– Leave me alone, please.

As I tried to push him away, he pressed me against the oven and put his lips on mine, forcing the way with his tongue. He shook me, if I tried to free myself at first, I ended up playing with his tongue and clinging to his neck too. My wife entered the kitchen at that moment.

– From what I see, you didn’t resist for long, my darling, I suspected.

– I don’t know what happened.

– Liar. Liar.

– Well, I’ll leave you to it, you watch dinner anyway.

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As soon as he came out, he took me back into his arms, kissed me again before turning me against the work surface. He lowered the trouser slide, having direct access to my shorty and quickly lowered it. He stroked my parting, I started to really love it, he fingered me and I started squealing, I felt his glans against my eyelet, he was going to take me in the kitchen while my wife was in the next room. As soon as he entered me, I didn’t squeal anymore, but I started moaning more and more. I was having fun. He accelerated to empty himself into me. I was recovering slowly when the oven rang, the roast was ready, we just had time to take the entrance. My wife looked at me with a big smile when I brought the entrance.

– So, sweetheart, did everything go well?

– It’s all right. It’s all right.

– We heard, you seem to have enjoyed it a lot.

– Oh yes, she got off on the naughty one.

I looked down without saying a word, the rest of the meal I spent next to our guest, he spent it caressing my thighs, between my legs, I had a constant erection that he was in charge of maintaining. I was excited. After dinner, we sat in the sofas in the living room, the girls on one, me and our friend on the other.

He openly started to caress me again in front of my wife, I didn’t dare to move when I saw Helen start to put her hand under my wife’s skirt, the latter opened her thighs and raised her skirt, thus leaving Helen all the leisure to caress her pussy through her panties. I was wetting mine, masturbating through my pants and panties and I loved it. He stopped and undid his pants. He laid my hand on his sex, the one that had made me come a little over an hour earlier. I was now staring at it intensely.

– Come suck my sweetheart’s dick.

I slipped between her legs, at the same time, my wife did the same with Helen.

As I was taking the sex of our guest in my mouth, my wife was diving between Helen’s thighs. We were both so excited that we obeyed without protest.

I sucked our friend hard, my mouth full of sperm, I kissed my wife and we shared the sperm. Helen equipped him with a belt dildo, she asked the woman to bend me down, to fuck her little female. She opened my pants, pulled down my panties and planted the dildo in me. She fucked me for so long that I came several times, flooding my panties with semen.

– See, honey, I told you she was just a good female to be fucked.

– You were right, Helen, she loves having a dick in her ass.

– You’re going to be able to have a little female at home.

– Yes, I think she deserves just that.

From that evening on, my clothes became more and more feminized, my wife openly maintained her relationship with Helen.

The children have left home, I live as a woman every day thanks to placements and rentals of goods bought over several years, we no longer need to work. My daughter was the first to discover my femininity, then my son, my wife took full control of our relationship. I regularly meet men to whom she offers her little female as she likes to call me. I started hormonal treatment to increase my femininity. I now have a sensitive chest, long hair, I wear make-up every day. Anyway, I became what I dreamed of when I was younger. A woman. I just kept my penis that my wife holds encaged to remind me, she said, of my inferior position.

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